Marks Of A Good Home Based Business

What should you look for in a home based business?  Here are a few points to consider.

  • is inexpensive to start
  • is easy to do
    • no inventory
    • no book keeping
    • no deliveries
  • fits in your schedule
  • brings in immediate money
  • brings in long term income
  • let’s you be the boss

Is it a 5 Pillars company?                                                                                                 1. The company must have an experienced team with a solid  track record for doing business successfully. 

2. The company must have a product line that is consumable, exclusive, and in high demand.

3. You must have a compensation plan that pays you well for the time that you invest in your business.

4. You must have access to a proven system of duplication and training. That way you can have the same success the experts have.

5. Timing is the most important aspect of an opportunity. The timing has to be right for the company. If everyone has already heard of it it’s probably too late.

Two serious questions you should investigate is the Policies and Procedures, and the Compensation Plan.  Don’t join any company without reading these two  completely.

Be sure to look for reasons you can be terminated such as.,”either party can terminate this contract at anytime” or  “company can terminate the distributor for any ligitimate reason”, without specifying the reasons.

A good question to ask about the compensation plan…how many people do I need to make $10,000 a mo. (or whatever amount of income you are looking for.

A sure way to save yourself a lot of time and frustration is to get the free e-book,      Success In 10 Steps.  It is generic. No company or products are mentioned, and it can help start you on the road to success.

Maybe a home based business isn’t for you.  But, if you are considering it please don’t let the gainsayers, the gossips, the ‘can’t do it’ crowd stop you.  Learn how to think, not what to think…..and thats the truth! 


You Are My Sunshine…

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Vitamin D Is FREE from the Sun –
And What It Does Is Nothing Short of Amazing…

Your body is intricately designed to interact with the sun. You simply can’t function properly without it. Yet, we are constantly bombarded with so-called ‘scientific’ information to the contrary.

The message from dermatologists, the medical profession and health authorities is nearly unanimous: Stay out of the sun! You have been told to keep indoors during peak sun hours and cover yourself with sunscreen when you do go outside.

All in the name of health.

But it may surprise you to learn that any evidence that exposing yourself to the sun is harmful evaporates under scrutiny.

And if you follow this “no safe level of sun exposure” dogma, you could be putting yourself at greater risk of numerous deadly cancers, depression, bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune illness and a host of other ailments.

In fact, even your risk of the deadly skin cancer melanoma could go up if you avoid spending time in the sun.

You don’t hear this side of the story because there is no money in promoting sunlight. They can’t sell it to you in pills. If it was possible, you can bet it would be one of the best selling drugs in history.

The bottom line is this: just about everything the government and mainstream medicine have told you about the sun is wrong. And their prescription – to stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear sunscreen when you do venture outside – is not only wrong, it’s deadly.

Excerpted from “Your Best Health Under The Sun”, available from

Remember, be a Critical Thinker.  Take charge of your own life.  And, thats the truth!…………

Drugs Even Your Doctor Won’t Take….

If you read my article, ‘Like Sheep To The Slaughter’, ( May 2, 2008 ) you know how I feel about people that don’t think for themselves. 

In a recent article in Men’s Health magazine, ‘8 Drugs Your Doctor Won’t Take , I was amazed at the number of people I know personally that are on some of the listed drugs.  You need to read the article, print it out, give a copy to your friends and loved ones.

For the sake of your health and the ones you care about, read the article, spread the word!  Don’t just stand around in a stupor and think the problem will go away.  If we don’t take action it will never stop.

Read this list, and I’ll bet you or someone you care about are on at least one of these drugs.

1. Advair (“blackbox warning by the FDA”)  2. Advandia ( possible heart attack. Increases heart problems by 100+ %)  3. Celebrex ( more than doubles risk of heart trouble )  4. Ketek (causes heart rythem problems and liver disease )  5. Prilosec and  6. Nexium ( read it and weep. )  7. Visine, and  8.  Pseudoephedrine ( over the years has been linked to heart problems and strokes. )

The BIG problem I have with this information is, why in the world would your doctor prescribe this for you if he/she wouldn’t use it? 

Other than the side effects of these and other drugs, there is also the high cost, and the nutrient depletion.  There are often other and better alternatives with no side effects and a lot easier on you bank account.

Learn to be a Critical Thinker!  It could save your life….and thats the truth!

Are You Free….

Are you free?  You may say yes, but let me ask you a few questions.

  • Does corporate America tell you what time to get up in order to get to your j.o.b. on time? 
  • Do they tell you what days you can be off work so you can spend time with you family?
  • Does the educational system teach you or your children facts and figures and a lot of useless information they may never use in the real world?
  • Are you going to be able to retire with enough income to live comfortably?

There is a better way.  Its up to you….for things to change, you have to change.  Do you have a plan?  Do you have written goals?  Do you need help to ‘get it all together’?

I have discovered what I believe is one of the best sources of information to get you on the right track to freedom.  It all starts with this free e-book, Success In 10 Steps.  Learn to be a critical thinker.  Stand on your own two feet….and that’s the truth.



Being a Critical Thinker…

Recently I took my 18mo. old granddaughter with me shopping.  We were in a large dept. store and while riding the escalator I noticed Aleina watching the steps disappear under the floor.  After we got off she turned around and bent over by the steps, watching with a child like curiosity.  Then, after riding the escalator a few more times, and watching the other people get on and off, she was satisfied as to how they worked.

I would like to say, I hope you never lose your curosity, that you always ask the what, where, when, how, and why questions.  But, you are probably like the majority of others that blindly follow along with the masses….’The blind leading the blind’, until you both fall in the ditch.  Could that be the reason you are in the shape you are in, physically, financially, mentally…..

Just because you saw it on the evening news, do you believe it?  Mass media tries to control and shape your beliefs and destiny.  The educational system tries to press your child into their mold.  Organized religion wants you to believe the way they believe.  But, if you learn to ask the right questions, get good solid answers, and put forth the energy to apply what you have learned,  you can be your own person.  Learn to be a Critical Thinker….and thats the truth.


Ahh! Sweet Peaceful Sleep….

Some tips for a good nights rest.

  • Go to bed and — importantly — get up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Your brain depends on consistent signals to fall asleep and wake up. Learn to practice basic sleep hygiene. In addition to keeping a consistent schedule, this means using the bedroom for sleep and sex, but not for doing your bills or watching TV.
  • Keep a sleep diary. Use it to explore negative thoughts such as: “What am I worried about?  “How do I feel?”   Ask yourself why, whether you are avoiding anything. Try to replace these with more positive — and realistic — sentiments like: “If I awaken earlier, I’ll have time for a walk before work.”
  • Get regular exercise. Research has shown that while you may feel tired immediately after exercising, over the course of the day people who exercise actually have more energy. Exercising in the evening may interfere with your sleep. A good rule is to avoid exercise within two hours of bedtime.

One thing that I have found from experience is having a clear conscience really helps a lot.  Don’t go to bed angry with your spouse or your children.  Don’t take your arguments in the bedroom.  Say your prayers.  A thankful heart will help you rest better…..and thats the truth.


Let Freedom Ring….

My dad was a veteran of WWI.  He served with the allied forces in Italy, Germany, and France.  I had a brother-in-law in WWII.  Another brother-in-law in the Korean War.  My son-in-law just came home from Iraq last week.

Today at our morning church service we were singing ‘My Country Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Of Liberty….’

As the congeration was singing I began to think of all the things I was thankful for….family, friends, freedom.  I know America has its problems, and it grieves me to see the political mess we are in, but I still believe it is the greatest nation on earth. 

I’d rather live in the good ol USA than any other country.  I’m proud to be an American.  I gladly stand and salute the flag…..and I’m not ashamed of the tears when old glory passes by and we honor those that gave their service and their lives to keep us free.

So, this Memorial Day why don’t you take just a moment to bow you head and say a ‘thank you’ for the freedom you enjoy before it is taken away.

And…if you don’t like America why don’t you just move on to a place you do like…..and thats the truth!